In recent years, there has been an extensive effort to update the Laboratory infrastructure, to enhance the international collaborations and to offer services of high quality. In the framework of the Laboratory activities, the following services are provided:

  • Techno-economic studies of energy saving measures in buildings and processes,
  • Energy audits in domestic buildings and industrial processes,
  • Energy performance studies of buildings.

 Some indicative studies can be seen below. 

Energy Study of the Police Directorate Building in Piraeus, Attica. 

Short description: The energy study included, among others, selection of appropriate materials for the building envelope according to the requirements of the recent Hellenic Building Regulations and the Police safety requisitives. A green roof was studied and its contribution to the improvement of the thermal performance was evaluated. A techno-economic study was conducted with the view to replace the current air conditioning system. 

Thermographic analysis of the Grave School Complex, Attica

The thermographic imaging included seven school buildings. The study showed important heat loses through the building envelope, as it can be seen below.