Installation year



Max. water production


 150 lt/ h

Sand filters


 5 μμ, 20μm

Nominal pump power





 3 flow meters, 4 manometers  

In recent years, the use of desalination plants to produce pure water (potable or distilled) from brackish or sea water is the most reliable solution to effectively combat water scarcity. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries, such as Spain, Malta and Saudi Arabia cover most of their water needs using such systems. Moreover, countries characterized by continued population growth and booming industry, such as India and China, have started to invest strongly in desalination to produce fresh water.



Desalination can be performed by two methods, the thermal method and the membrane method:

  • In the thermal method, the water changes phase at least twice as it passes from the liquid to gas phase and vice versa, until it is condensed again. The distillation, and the less used crystallization, are both thermal desalination methods. The types of distillation are: multistage expansion, multistage Flushing MSF, multistage evaporation, Multiple Effect Distillation MED, evaporation with Vapour Compression VC and Solar Distillation SD.
  • In the method of the membranes, the water is only in the liquid phase and the membranes are used to separate the salts and other impurities. The membrane types are the electrodialysis Electrodialysis ED / EDR and reverse osmosis Reverse Osmosis RO.