Installation year



Air flow rate


 2000 m³/h

Dehumidification capacity


 0.008 kgΗ2Ο /kg dry air

Desiccant solution



Heat source


 Solar thermal system

In this air conditioning system, the air is dehumidified and cooled by its direct contact with a liquid desiccant. In contrast to conventional air conditioning technologies, this system is heat driven. Because the heat required is of low temperature, the system incorporates 10m2 solar thermal collectors. The solar thermal system has been generously donated by REHAU, while some individual components of the hydraulic system have also been generously donated by WILO. The open cycle air conditioning with liquid desiccants is ideal for energy intensive buildings with high latent loads. 

Hydraulic scheme of L-DCS system

Monitoring plan of L-DCS system

Floor plan