The Laboratory has great experience on undertaking and coordinating projects regarding energy saving, energy efficiency and building integration of innovative energy systems. To facilitate the process of energy audits, the Laboratory has purchased the following portable devices:

  • Anemometer,
  • Electronic manometers,
  • Pyranometer,
  • Thermocamera to determine the thermal condition of the buildings, air leaks, heat loss or energy and cold air infiltration through walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows, water leaks, moisture intrusion, inadequate or damaged or wet insulation, moisture, mold, condensation, bridges and other construction defects)
  • Hygrometer for recording the temperature and relative humidity,
  • Lux-meter for measuring the brightness,
  • Electronic exhaust gas analyzer to measure the combustion efficiency of the boiler and the analysis of exhaust gases,
  • Three-phase power analyzer for measuring electrical quantities,
  • Electronic leak detector for all common refrigerants.

Energy audits conducted by the Laboratory of Thermodynamics are headed by the Energy Assessor Lect. I  Koronaki.