Basic concepts and definitions. First law of Thermodynamics. Perfect Gases. Cyclical changes. Ideal gas Carnot cycle.Non-reversible phenomena. Second law of Thermodynamics. Carnot cycle of any working fluid. Thermodynamic temperature scale. Entropy. Diagrams T-S and H-S (Mollier). Thermodynamic probability, theoretic entropy of mixing. Entropy of irreversible changes. Maxwell and Tds relations, Thermodynamics of two phases, Evaporation. Vapor tables, real gases, thermodynamic performance of irreversible processes, Strangulation Joule-Thomson, Equations (Equation VDW), Heat Capacity of real gases, thermodynamic cycles, one-dimensional flow.

Annual number ofstudents (5 years average): 300

Grading: written exams 100%

Ideal and non ideal mixtures. Partial molar properties. Thermodynamic classification of mixtures. Dilute solutions. Activity coefficients of infinitely dilute solutions. Equations of free enthalpy excess. Mixing of two solutions. Evaporation heat of mixture. Azeotropic mixtures. Normal solutions. Absorbing gases. Absorption towers. Methods of separation of binary mixtures. Methods McCabe-Thiele and Ponchon. Fully and partially miscible liquid mixtures. Balance between liquid and solid phase in a binary mixture. Psychrometry.

Annual number of students (5 years average): 100

Grading: written exams 100%.