The prospective PhD students of the Laboratory form the core of our research work. They have published numerous studies in international journals and refereed conferences.

The most recent PhD theses awarded by the Laboratory are:

2010, Lolos Pericles, Optimization methods of Kalina cycle,

2004, Borbilas Nicholas, Thermodynamic analysis of Stirling cycles,

2004, Papaefthimiou Vassileios, Thermodynamic analysis of LiBr-H2O absorption chiller and cooling tower

2002, Alexis George, Thermodynamic analysis of injectors and integration in chillers.

The current PhD students of the Laboratory are:

George Antonakos, Optimization of Stirling engine and its regenerator,

Kakatsiou Konsta-Ilina, Thermodynamic analysis of open cycle evaporative cooling systems with solid desiccants,

Tertipis Dimitrios, Modeling and experimental evaluation of evaporative cooling systems,

Christodoulakis Rosa, Thermodynamic analysis of hybrid open cycle evaporative cooling systems with liquid desiccants.